COVID-19 emergency support for startups
  • 16 Jun 2020
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COVID-19 emergency support for startups

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It is noisy out there in general.

And in the current COVID-19 crisis, it is even noisier.

We are here to help you cut through the noise and learn about and take advantage of the services that are relevant to startups now.

Getting to emergency $$$

District 3 updates this page daily, summarizing the emergency money resources being announced and if and how you can take advantage of the support:

D3's cheat sheet for sources of non-dilutive funding

Getting access to right-sized available talent

This grass roots google doc has exploded with talent suddenly looking for work because of the crisis. Growing every day if you need to hire.
CDN Startup #COVID19 Talent Help List

Getting mental health support

These are strange times and sometimes it is helpful to talk to someone who might help you cope and adjust.

Here are some links to support services accessible to startup entrepreneurs.

Link Mental Health - A service that allows you to connect with a video therapist. No wait times.

Ink Blot Hub - They ground their approach in the belief that mental health services should be convenient, affordable and confidential. Above all, they aim to provide the highest quality personalized care.

Lโ€™Institut Argyle - A CRISIS RESCUE LINE PROJECT (ending June 30, 2020) offering 3 free sessions.

Suggestion box:

We are always looking for COVID-19 startup support suggestions for right-sized startup support -- so please share so we can share.

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