Ask 5 questions to discover your customers problems
  • Updated on 20 Jun 2019
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Ask 5 questions to discover your customers problems

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Interviewing Customers is a Special Kind of Torture

  1. Talk to a stranger. Fun.
  2. That stranger is immensely busy…and hates being sold things. Getting better.
  3. That stranger will likely destroy your vision for a company. Ready to get started?!

When people start interviewing customers, the only thing they care less about than talking about other people’s problems, was asking about them. So, they tend to skip all the questions they think are BS, and jump to the ones that seem most important:

“Would you use a product that does _____________?”


“How much would you pay for it?”

Turns out, those aren’t the most important questions…they’re the most misleading. You're not alone, most people are not natural interviewers.

Founders often hesitate to interview customers, or do them wrong, and we empathize. It’s a daunting task most have no experience with – and – isn’t nearly as fun as building stuff.

In fact, other people’s problems are interesting – when you’re in a position to solve them!

Below is a video by entrepreneur and author of the FOCUS framework that has 5 simple question to take your interviews from being a drag to efficient moment of information gathering:

The 5 questions can be found below:

  1. Tell me a story about insert problem context.
  2. What was the hardest part?
  3. Why was it hard?
  4. How do you solve it?
  5. How did it work?
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