Using the Startup Library
  • Updated on 16 Jul 2019
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Using the Startup Library

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We've compiled all the best tools and techniques we use to help founders navigate the wild west of information out there. Your startup will go through different steps, or phases, from validating an idea to scaling the company.

Below we have the D3 Founder Journey which shows six steps, going from Exploration (Awareness, Engagement), moving into Pre-Validation (Problem), and finally into Post-Validation (Solution, Sales, Scale). What validation means here is "Do you truly know who your potential or current customers are?".

The D3 Founder Experience

Validation is a major milestone for a startup, and it takes a lot of time and hard work to be able to say that you are validated. As such, in order to help you best navigate the information in the library, it's seven different categories are organized by pre- and post-validation:

  • Pre-validation: I know how to frame and validate a startup idea
    • Discover your customer
    • Design and test your product
    • Guide your startup
  • Post-validation: I know how to grow my startup
    • Build a strong team
    • Manage finance & legal
    • Grow revenue
    • Raise funds
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