Using the Startup Library
  • 20 Sep 2022
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Using the Startup Library

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Article Summary

Skilled entrepreneurs build better companies faster

The District 3 Startup Library is an organized compilation of curated best-in-class tricks and tips for startup entrepreneurs who are looking for practical support in building a startup -- a quick guide to developing the skills you need to be a self reliant entrepreneur. It is the wild west of information out there, and we are constantly on the look out for the latest and greatest in that mountain of information to make the life of an entrepreneur easier -- simply so you don't have to -- so you can focus on building and running your company. We have created this library because we know that skilled entrepreneurs build better companies faster.

Minimum-viable Just-in-time Support

The library is organized to provide Minimum-Viable Just-In-Time guidance along the startup journey. In the Startup Journey, there are two main moments - pre-validation and post-validation. In general, you don't want to spend a penny on or do any work executing an idea that no one cares about. We think it's important to first develop the skills you need around framing and validating your idea (pre-validation), before you think about executing on that idea (post-validation). So in order to help you develop skills relevant to where you are in the journey and keep you focused on what's important for you at a point in time, we have organized the support into themes in either the pre- or post-validation moment :

The D3 Founder Experience

  • Pre-validation: I know how to frame and validate a startup idea
    • Identify your customer and market
    • Guide your startup
    • Design your MVP (Minimum viable product)
  • Post-validation: I know how to grow my startup
    • Build a strong team
    • Manage finance & legal
    • Grow revenue
    • Raise funds

A companion resource for intentional startup entrepreneurs everywhere

District 3 is not a school. We are an incubator/accelerator/innovation hub and passionate in our mission to help entrepreneurs bring innovative research-based ideas to life faster and better. And we have built this library because we know that one of the foundations for strong startups is skilled intentional entrepreneurs leading them. Skilled entrepreneurs build better companies faster. This Startup Library has been developed as a resource for our D3 founders and the coaches and experts who support them. And we have made it open and available so that passionate entrepreneurs, wherever they may be, can also benefit from this work to create companies with world changing impact faster and better.