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The library is broken up into seven different categories that founders need to learn in order to increase their startup's chances of success.

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Before you build something that nobody will buy, learn how to validate your idea with the three categories below.

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Grow your startup faster and better with the four categories below. These work best once you know that your startup idea is validated.

About this Library

At District 3 we work with founders and their startup teams to help them validate their business and get to scaling it, faster and better.

As a founder, you'll be receiving tons of information and opinions about what you need to do run your startup successfully and you'll have to learn to select what to follow. This takes time and experience, and while there is no real way to teach it, there are tools and organizations out there that can make it easier for you—like this library!

We've curated this library from the wild west of online information to help guide you in the right direction for what knowledge and skills you should be building. It's not a comprehensive list of everything you need to know. Think of it more like a launchpad.